Where are they now? Products we already miss… but we’ll keep an eye out.

We produced the first Zombie Gift Guide for Christmas 2021 (it seems so long ago), and during a recent “refresh” here on the site, we found an alarming number of our fave items are no longer available — not just through Amazon, but at all. And we’re already feeling the pain of separation. We’re talking our beloved Zombie Rubber Ducky, our first choice of Voice-Activated Zombie Baby Dolls, and even the classic early Peter Jackson zombie movie Dead Alive. Read it and weep…

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This lovely Zombie Rubber Ducky was one of the first non-movie/non-book items we featured, but it has sadly disappeared. If anybody knows here our beloved ZomDuck has gone, It was originally offered by Wild Republic, that still has some cool non-zom stuff to sell, but the ducky in all its variations, including a duck in shining armor, a duck in lion drag, and a ducktopus — no, really: a ducktopu — are gone. If anyone has any idea where they might be found… tell us!   This lovely, awful doll that actually responds to your voice with movement and a creepy zom-voice was available just a few months ago, but it, too, seems to have disappeared, even from eBay. We’ve replaced it with a different cute little bugger here — what zombie gift guide would be complete without a zombie baby doll? — but you always miss your first love. Any idea where it’s gone, and if more can be found? Let us know. And here’s the worst: Dead Alive. Way, way back in 1993, Peter Jackson — yeah, that Peter Jackson, the Lord of the Rings series and King Kongeven before Heavenly Creatures (also unavailable to buy or stream at the moment, and what is up with that?) and The Frightenersmade a truly wonderful low-low-budget zombie movie, with a… unique?… premise: a Sumatran rat-monkey bites Lionel Cosgrove’s mother and transforms her into a zombie that begins killing (and transforming) the entire town while Lionel races to keep things under control. Yes, it’s as mad as it sounds and dizzyingly fast-paced and gross… and yet you can see that Peter Jackson in it, even here, even decades before The Big Ones. But for some reason, it’s not available in the U.S. of A. for streaming or purchase. Yeah, you can get hyped-up prices on a BluRay or DVD or even VHS here, but… just to see it? Why so hard? We would be heartbroken if we had a beating heart to break. If you see any other items in the store that seem to have gone missing (or even changed price), let us know here. We’ve got an army of minions trying to keep the site up to date, but things change on a daily basis and our beloved customers are the best quality-control cops in creation. And please… somebody, come on, bring back Dead Alive1

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