What Are We Doing Here?
Every Damned Thing About Zombies

Movies. TV shows. Books. Comics.

T-shirts, costumes, masks, dolls.



It’s really too much. Quite literally: too damned much


The Zombie Gift Guide is an attempt to point you towards the best (and wonderfully worst) of all those things and more, It’s certainly not everything – that would be nuts! – but that’s the goal: covering as much as we can in the ever-expanding, ever-evolving Zombie World.

And here’s something special: every item we’ve found is categorized in one (and often more) ways, so if you just want a list of movies, you got it. Or if you’ve looking for nothing but funny zombies, or only stories about slow, stupid walkers, or you just want a list of the very best, essential films and books … you can find it with just a click.

And don’t worry, we’ll supply links to where you can buy the items we’re talking about at the best possible price. What kind of Gift Guide would we be if we didn’t do that?


And of course … we need your help!

Much as we’d like to, we can’t cover everything all the time. So please: Feel free to tell us what you think, when you think it. And give us suggestions, too (beyond the anatomically impossible, please). Drop us a note here

Okay, enough of this. You kids go have some fun now. Glad to have you here!