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Where are they now? Products we already miss… but we’ll keep an eye out.

We produced the first Zombie Gift Guide for Christmas 2021 (it seems so long ago), and during a recent "refresh" here on the site, we found an alarming number of our fave items are no longer available -- not just through Amazon, but at all. And we're already feeling the pain of separation. We're talking our beloved Zombie Rubber Ducky, our first choice of Voice-Activated Zombie Baby Dolls, and even the classic early Peter Jackson zombie movie Dead Alive. Read it and weep...

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Zombie Paddington Bear? Of course.

Face it: there's a zombie version of every pop culture icon out there, from Superman to Scooby Doo. The whole walking dead image has become so deeply embedded in the American mediascape that it simply can't be avoided. And luckily, some of the iterations or just plain beautiful. Beautifully weird, yets, but beautiful. Take a look at this, brought to us from most excellent horror author and internet presence Richard Kadrey, and the product of the remarkably weird Midjourney AI. And that's "A EYE," as in "Artificial Intelligence, not "Al," like Weird Al Yankovich.

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