Sprinters are the zombies you see in the genre that have way more pep in their step than Shamblers and sometimes may not be the living dead but those infected with the zombie-esque virus that have developed extraordinary abilities, such as becoming agile and more limber than they were when they were human. You can find Sprinters in movies like 28 Days Later.

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ZOM 100 – Manga and now Anime!

ZOM 100: Manga and now anime!

Anime / Sprinters / After the Apocalypse

ZOM 100 has been a super-popular manga for a long time (one of the few straight-on zombie manga out there), and it's finally becoming an anime as well -- early August on Netflix, in a dubbed version, yet. 

Here's the trailer. Mark your calendars. And take a look at the manga while you're at it ... 

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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War

Call of Duty: When All You Want To Do Is Kill Zombies. A LOT of Zombies.

Video Game / First Person Shooter

One of the great attractions of the zombie apocalypse is – well, shooting things. You can guiltlessly take potshots at vaguely human-shaped figures, blow them to smithereens, and never be bothered with technicalities like murder in cold blood or assault with a deadly weapon. And we admit it, there are days – sometimes multiple days – when that’s simply glorious.

If you’re in the mood for nothing more complicated than a plink-plink-fall-down-dead game, skip the drama of Last of Us or the spooky tension of Resident Evil, or the scrolling silliness of Plants vs. Zombies and head straight for Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War. The reasons are simple, few, and inescapable:

  • First-person shooter.
  • With zombies.
  • From the best first-person shooter game franchise in the biz.

Sure, there are plenty of other CoD modules that don’t feature the reanimated, but … why bother? Go for the gold – the suppurating, shambling, teeth-chattered gold, man. ‘Cause when it comes to just blowin’ up the walkers real good, you can’t do better than Call of Duty.

If that’s your thing, or you know a gamer who just loves this kinda stuff, you can’t go wrong.

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28 Weeks Later (2008)

28 Weeks Later (2008)

28 Weeks Later: A Good But Not Great Sequel To The Classic


Sequels are an iffy business. For every Alien or Evil Dead 2 there are half a dozen lame, tired, and uninteresting sequels to pretty great movies, even in the world of the undead. By our estimation, 28 Weeks Later falls somewhere in the middle… but then it’s got a lot to live up to when it comes to its ground-breaking predecessor.

Of course, we all want to know what happened with Rage and all of the UK after the initial outbreak. The solution to move a few months downstream seemed promising; the main plot of trying to establish a “safe zone” in the middle of deserted, infected London seemed less so. And the fact that Danny Boyle, who remained as executive producer, stepped away to direct the hugely underrated Sunshine didn’t help.

The action is great, the jump scares are well-earned. And like the first film, it’s got a great cast, including Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner (hey, remember him?) and some guy named “Idris Elba“ (Look him up. He has promise.). The notion of following two impulsive and dumb-ass kids was a fairly unpopular decision, and the lack of shock and detail of the first film made most zomfans go, “Yeah, it was okay, BUT…”

Still: You could do way worse when it comes to a sequel, and there are plenty of packages where you can buy both movies together. The makings of a great movie night!A 

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28 Days Later (2002)

28 Days Later:
Where Fast and Viral Zombies Began

Movie (series) / Outbreak & Aftermath / Fast Zombies

It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since Danny Boyle and Alex Garland (the often-overlooked screenwriter who’s gone on to write amazing movies like Never Let Me Go and Ex Machina and most recently Devs. But yeah: Prior to 2002, all zombies were slow. Relentless, evil, able to sneak up on you without making a sound, but slow. And though the idea of a virus behind the zombification had been tossed around before, it was 28 Days Later, and the creation of Rage, along with the super-swift conversion of the populace that basically changed the whole genre going forward. It was also the first time that most of us ever heard of Cillian Murphy or Christopher Eccleston, and… well, look at what they’ve done since. Awesome.

Anyone who calls themselves a zombie fan pretty much has to have seen 28 Days Later and its sequel, 28 Months Later, as well as cursed God for not giving us 28 Years Later, or at least not yet. But it’s also one of the Essentials that should be on the shelf, digital or analog, for any fan. And we’ve given you a link to the Amazon page that offers this classic in all its multiple variations – blue ray, original, packaged with the sequel, on and on.

Let’s not get all gummed up in the argument that these aren’t real zombies because they’re not dead people, just infected people. Hey: they’re raging humans bent on stalking, chasing, tracking down and ultimately eating other humans. That’s good enough for us, and for about 7 billion other people, so deal with it. So if you’re looking to revisit one of the best zombie movies ever made, this is the one to choose first. Or if you’re trying to convince the newbie, the uninitiated, or the just-plain stubborn that there really is some great movie-making in the genre… here you go.

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