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View the best of the Mall of the Living Dead! This category features our favorite compilations and selections from Mall of the Living Dead, assembled just for our fellow zombie fans by Sha Simms, and lovingly reviewed, compiled, and linked up for you to browse. The Mall of the Living Dead focuses on collections of items you can use to create zombie-themed rooms in your house, zombie costumes, zombie parties – or whatever zombie thing you may want to put on!

“I’m Fine” Tee Shirt

“I’m Fine” Tee Shirt

“I’m fine” T-shirt

How often have you heard it in one zombie movie or another? How often have you believed it? “I’m Fine,” they say … and mere moments later they’re going for your neck and joining the ravening, mindless hordes.

Kids today, am I right?

Regardless, we’ve seen a number of “I’m Fine” t-shirts out there, but this one is significantly better-made and more subtle (if you can call this subtle) than most. At the very least, it’s a way to be living in denial and still be cool – certainly an admirable goal in itself. Mostly pre-shrunk cotton (with some exceptions), and holds up to multiple washings.

ZGG visionary Sha Sims bought this particular shirt for her teenage son, and tells a hilarious story on the Zombie World podcast about how he wore it under his jacket to his job at a local supermarket, and when he hit the locker room everyone panicked: they thought he actually been wounded somehow. He had to explain multiple times, up the chain of command, that no, really, he was perfectly fine – just like the shirt said! Still, all the commotion speaks to the realism of the shirt, and its potential to freak people out exactly as you want to..

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The Ultimate Zombie-Themed Bathroom

Sha, our Undead Queen of All Things Shopping and the Manager of the Mall of the Living Dead, has created the ultimate Zombie-Themed Bathroom – everything from bloody hand towels and a chandelier of skulls to a zombie hiding in the toilet! And it can all be yours for remarkably little (except for the chandelier. That’s a little pricey!)

Here are the wide (and wild) range of items she showed us on the tour of the Ultimate Zombie-Themed Bathroom

The Skull Lamp

A lovely three-tiered skull chandelier made with 20 life-size skulls. Not exactly zombie, but so appropriate. Some of the skulls have the jaws open in horror, some are closed and – a nice touch -- some have no jaws at all. About 35 inches from the top of chain ring to the bottom layer held together with steel bands, and each skull has a 3-watt flicker bulb that has been set deep inside to make it look like an actual candle A little pricey -- $738 and change. But worth every cent!

Zombie Scream Dripping Blood Toilet Topper Vinyl Cover

Above: a dripping blood “toilet topper,” and below a toilet cover that looks just like a zombie is looking up from inside the toilet! Gaping mouth and rotting teeth and everything! From Amscam .. and only $18! 

A Set of Three “Shambling Horde” Anti-Slip Mats

Each mat has its own cute little silhouettes of the shambling hordes. There’s a 23x15-inch rectangular floor mat … and a u-shaped mat for the toilet ... and a nice cover for the lid! Soft and thick, non-slip, made of special flannel that keeps your feet warm, comfortable and safe despite the ravening flesh-eating hordes just outside the door! $33 from El Bull! 

Zombie Toilet Paper Holder

… hanging right on the wall! A nice big ugly undead head looming over the paper roll. Literally scares the shit out of you. $36 from DWK!

 A Blood-Soaked Three-Piece Towel Set!

A 30”x60” bath towel, a 16”x27” hand towel, and a 13” square washcloth, each with its own unique streaks and spatters of human remains! Machine washable. Tumble dry on low. $39! 

Zombie Shower Curtain: The Zombie Behind the Door

He’s right there, looking at you with evil eyes! Fabric, with hooks, 72” square, umber and teal and tan. From Ambesonne, only $17. 

Zombie Shower Curtain: Splatters and Splashes of Blood

This one is more … impressionistic, right? Splashes of blood and grunge, as if you’d already been attacked! From Ambesonne, Fabric, 72” square. $32! 

Murder Mats: Bloody Footprints from Damp Feet

A bath mat that looks perfectly white … until you step on it with your wet feet and your footprints and drips turned blood-red! And it stays that way until it dries … when it fades right back to bright white! Only $25 for years of fun. Only $25!

Zombie Balls Bath Bombs

A package of two that fizz green and black and turn your water dark and ominous. And they have a unique fragrance. Only $15! 

Zombie Rubber Duck

So cute. A 4” rubber ducky, blue – well, originally blue, back when it was alive. But now it’s all swollen and scarred and missing part of its beak from where the zombie bit it. From Wild Republic, a cool little company that has specialized in designing realistic stuffed animals and educational toys since the return of the living dead! Only $9.00! 

If you get everything listed here, you can have every item in the awesome Water Closer of Horror for only $1,000,  give or take ten bucks (and delivery). Or even less! Skip the skull lamp, and everything else combined is less than $275!

It’s the zombie-themed bathroom of your dreams – or nightmares! -- available now!