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ZOM 100 – Manga and now Anime!

ZOM 100: Manga and now anime!

Anime / Sprinters / After the Apocalypse

ZOM 100 has been a super-popular manga for a long time (one of the few straight-on zombie manga out there), and it's finally becoming an anime as well -- early August on Netflix, in a dubbed version, yet. 

Here's the trailer. Mark your calendars. And take a look at the manga while you're at it ... 

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

The Autopsy of Jane Doe:
Dark, Disturbing, Claustrophobic ... But Is She a Zombie?

Movie / One-on-One 

Look, we can all meet for drinks after work and have a good, long, well-lubricated debate about whether the body on the slab in The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a zombie or a witch or a ghost or what. But whatever that thing is, it keeps crossing the line between living and dead and back again, always with ill intent. If that ain’t a zombie, we don’t know what-all is.

The father-and-son team of Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch, operating of that bizarre underground morgue, go through one awful and awesome postmortem as the mystery of this creature on the table grows wider, deeper, and more dangerous.

This is essentially a two-person drama (the zombie doesn’t count), and the tight but terrifying script produces two of the best performances Cox and Hirsch have ever given – which is saying something. Even better: the ending actually justifies the gettin’ there – another rarity in “locked room” stories.

Come for the zombie, stay for the mystery and the reveal, and try to forget what you see. We dare you.

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28 Weeks Later (2008)

28 Weeks Later (2008)

28 Weeks Later: A Good But Not Great Sequel To The Classic


Sequels are an iffy business. For every Alien or Evil Dead 2 there are half a dozen lame, tired, and uninteresting sequels to pretty great movies, even in the world of the undead. By our estimation, 28 Weeks Later falls somewhere in the middle… but then it’s got a lot to live up to when it comes to its ground-breaking predecessor.

Of course, we all want to know what happened with Rage and all of the UK after the initial outbreak. The solution to move a few months downstream seemed promising; the main plot of trying to establish a “safe zone” in the middle of deserted, infected London seemed less so. And the fact that Danny Boyle, who remained as executive producer, stepped away to direct the hugely underrated Sunshine didn’t help.

The action is great, the jump scares are well-earned. And like the first film, it’s got a great cast, including Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner (hey, remember him?) and some guy named “Idris Elba“ (Look him up. He has promise.). The notion of following two impulsive and dumb-ass kids was a fairly unpopular decision, and the lack of shock and detail of the first film made most zomfans go, “Yeah, it was okay, BUT…”

Still: You could do way worse when it comes to a sequel, and there are plenty of packages where you can buy both movies together. The makings of a great movie night!A 

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