zombie t shirt

No! Really! Perfectly fine!

"No, I'm Fine! Really!"

The Dangers of Being Too Cool

The teenage son of our beloved and essential Product Goddess Sha Simss (and no she doesn't look old enough to have a teenage son, but that's another sordid story) recently broke into the Gift Guide Inventory Bunker and absconded with one of the "I'm Fine" T-shirts. He wore it to work and out with friends and came back to (a) confess his horrible crime (though it turns out his mother gave it to him -- go figure!), and (b) that people kept coming up to him and saying, "Oh, my god, did you hurt yourself? Are you okay?"

This proves two things, the way we see it: that the "wound" on this classic t is very convincing, and that the world has still not reached full Zombie Consciousness -- ie, they don't always get the joke.

Nevertheless: here's a pic of that brave boy, along with a solid endorsement that will you can amuse the insiders and freak out the masses with an ever-special Zombie Gift. You're welcome!