“No, I’m Fine! Really!”

The Dangers of Being Too Cool

The teenage son of our beloved and essential Product Goddess Sha Simss (and no she doesn’t look old enough to have a teenage son, but that’s another sordid story) recently broke into the Gift Guide Inventory Bunker and absconded with one of the “I’m Fine” T-shirts. He wore it to work and out with friends and came back to (a) confess his horrible crime (though it turns out his mother gave it to him — go figure!), and (b) that people kept coming up to him and saying, “Oh, my god, did you hurt yourself? Are you okay?”

This proves two things, the way we see it: that the “wound” on this classic t is very convincing, and that the world has still not reached full Zombie Consciousness — ie, they don’t always get the joke.

Nevertheless: here’s a pic of that brave boy, along with a solid endorsement that will you can amuse the insiders and freak out the masses with an ever-special Zombie Gift. You’re welcome!