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“I’m Fine” Tee Shirt

“I’m Fine” Tee Shirt

“I’m fine” T-shirt

How often have you heard it in one zombie movie or another? How often have you believed it? “I’m Fine,” they say … and mere moments later they’re going for your neck and joining the ravening, mindless hordes.

Kids today, am I right?

Regardless, we’ve seen a number of “I’m Fine” t-shirts out there, but this one is significantly better-made and more subtle (if you can call this subtle) than most. At the very least, it’s a way to be living in denial and still be cool – certainly an admirable goal in itself. Mostly pre-shrunk cotton (with some exceptions), and holds up to multiple washings.

ZGG visionary Sha Sims bought this particular shirt for her teenage son, and tells a hilarious story on the Zombie World podcast about how he wore it under his jacket to his job at a local supermarket, and when he hit the locker room everyone panicked: they thought he actually been wounded somehow. He had to explain multiple times, up the chain of command, that no, really, he was perfectly fine – just like the shirt said! Still, all the commotion speaks to the realism of the shirt, and its potential to freak people out exactly as you want to..

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