The new Amityville movie is a zombie movie. And it’s bad.

We generally hate to trash the bad or mediocre zombie stuff that's out there. Lord knows there's a ton. But once in a while, something is so egregiously awful, yet not awful enough to be 'good,' and so misleading that you have to say something.Like Amityville: Uprising.

Any horror fan still breathing knows that The Amityville Horror, book or movie or remake, has nothing to do with zombies. It's your classic (possible semi-true?) 'haunted house' story and god bless our sister horror sub-genre, but zombies? No. Not a one. But small-minded movie producers (and self-publishers) have taken to slapping the word "Amityville" in front of any damn semi-horror POS as a way to increase their search results, and this is a prime example.

This is not okay...

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